Effective Date: 28/06/2022


Welcome to the Innclude Community.

First thing we want you to know is that we respect your individual freedoms. We are very excited to create a platform where you may express yourselves freely and interact with other users. Since individual users will be sharing this platform with businesses that will have various brand and operational accounts, it is unavoidable that we must articulate certain community standards.
Below is our list of rules for the community. We want you to know that users who do not adhere to these rules will not be allowed to keep their accounts for long. Inside our community or application, you are responsible for your actions inside or outside the network,and in the event that you share content that disturbs other users, disrespect other users, etc., your account may be suspended or cancelled. For this reason, please pay careful attention to the items below.
If you are experiencing problems, please contact us immediately and we will do what needs to be done.

Nudity/Sexual Content:

In your profile or communications, it is important not to share content of a sexual nature or that portrays nudity. Images, event banners or comments, or messages that offend users may result in the permanent closing of your account.


Inside the platform, both in the public areas and private messaging and commenting, we expect users to keep in mind that other users are also people and act accordingly. If you act in ways that harass other persons, even in private messaging, if you share inappropriate images or messages, not only may this result in the closing of your account, but also depending on the laws of the country, we may need to inform the proper law enforcement authorities about the situation.

Hate speech:

To be an individual is fundamental and we care about your personal preferences. In this vein, we expect that you respect the personal choices of other users. We forbid all hate speech, including but not limited to ethnicity, nationality, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity.

Violence/Physical Harm:

Within the Innclude community, content involving violence, brutality, etc., is not permitted. Images involving violence, in connection with event planning in our Public spaces will be absolutely removed; profile may be suspended or deleted.Suicidal or self-harming related content may be defined as violence, and under those circumstances, Innclude may contact relevant authorities in order to seek help.

Personal Information:

Please don’t share personal information belonging to you or someone else. This information may include your personal phone number, various passwords, social security number, etc. You may seek assistance by contacting us directly if people are requesting this type of information.

Fake Profiles:

Innclude exists in order for you to be able to create a profile that belongs to you, with which you may interact individually with your friends or brands. Creating false profiles, imitating other persons or institutions on our platform will not benefit you, to be sure. Becoming more popular as an individual will benefit you more than trying to imitate somebody else. There are many other platforms for entertainment. Please use those instead of crowding ours with needless activity,funny groups, or profiles.

Spam Messages:

Regardless of whether you have a personal of business account with us, mass messaging or sending spam will necessitate the indefinite suspension of your account. Please do not violate people’s individual rights.

Advertising and Promotions:

Innclude is not an advertising platform. Within the platform we are trying to create, there will be specific avenues for you to take advantage of our advertising options. Repeatedly trying to send messages or event images outside of those confines will not only fail to benefit the product or service you want to advertise, but will also result in your profile’s indefinite suspension or deletion. If it is noticed that you are trying to increase your account activity in exchange for promotions, you will experience problems. If you are experiencing issues with your account, or if you want to share content as a promoter, please contact us, we will assist you and avoid any errors in this area.


Innclude does not tolerate fraudulent activity within any of its account formats – individual or business – under the rights granted its members in exchange for a fee. With respect to all of the accounts on our platform, if you try to obtain knowledge through illegal or fraudulent means, send along bank account information in order to solicit or transfer funds, your profile will be shut down and law enforcement will be notified.

Sexual Advances, Human Trafficking and Prostitution:

Innclude is not a platform for you to satisfy your sexual needs. There are a number of applications on a global scale that cater to this need and you may use those for such ends. Trying to organize events involving prostitution, human trafficking or trying to induce another person to commit nonconsensual sex acts will result in the permanent cancellation of your account with us.


In order to use Innclude, you must be 18 or over. This is true even if you don’t participate in public or private events or interact with other members. Please if you come across a profile like this outside of our knowledge, let us know.

Illegal Uses:

Illegal uses within Innclude have been more or less articulated in the items above. However, there may be actions that are illegal in the particular country where you live and those types of acts will be categorized as illegal use within the application. Do not violate the law.