Effective Date : 07/05/2021


Article 1. Access and Acceptance of Agreement

The provisions listed below as part of the Terms of Use lay out the rules for the use of services offered by Innclude LLC as “Innclude”, such as the mobile application, website, official social media accounts, Innclude SMS platform, etc. If these terms do not suit you, please cancel your registration. If you utilize a part or all of the services offered by Innclude, or rely on our third party services in order to connect to our system, you accept and are bound by the below rules and regulations.

We may make various changes to the Terms of Use or our services as needed. These changes may reflect changes in the law or could spring from user or operational flows in our sector. You can always access updated versions of these terms through our website or application. We will also inform you of any changes through the contact information provided. Updated Terms of Use may override previous terms (unless stated otherwise). If you continue to take advantage of our services once the changes go into effect, it will be presumed that you have accepted our new terms. By continuing to use services, you will also be deemed to have accepted our Community Guide, our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy which was designed to protect your information, as supplements to the Terms of Use.

Article 2. Parties

Our Terms of Use is an agreement between Innclude LLC (Innclude), with details listed below, and registered users (“User”). All services related to our web site, mobile application, side applications will be termed “service”, “services”, or “our services”.
Innclude LLC
3511 Silverside Road, Suite 105
Wilmington, Delaware
19810, USA

Innclude has the right to transfer services and terms of use to third parties. If this happens, you may continue to take advantage of our services. If notified, and you do not accept the transfer terms, you forfeit use of services.

          Article 3. Innclude User System

Article 4. Account Compliance

Article 5. Changes to Services and Implementation

In order to improve its services, Innclude may add extra features or suspend certain features. To the extent that these changes will not significantly impact the rights of user, Innclude may not notify users.

Innclude will, without exception, notify its users if certain services are terminated or we experience security issues.

Innclude may not be held responsible for any disputes or damages that result from these changes that are made in order to improve the quality of service.


Article 6. User’s Responsibilities

Article 7. Innclude’s Responsibilities

Article 8. The Terms and Conditions of Payment

Part of Innclude’s services are fee-based Premium Memberships (In-Application Purchases).

In-Application Purchases are made available to users through appropriate payment services and form of payment (e.g. Credit Card, Mobile Payment, Google Play and iTunes).

After receiving approval for purchase, you may start using the features of your Premium Membership. If the automatic renewal feature is active, this means that your service will be renewed and you will continue to receive invoices. If you do not wish to use the automatic renewal function, you may cancel through the third party application you used to make your purchase (Google Play and iTunes). While still within your service period, you cancel your Premium Membership, your Premium Membership will continue up until the expiration date indicated in the third party application that was used to make your purchase. The rights attached to the Premium Membership cannot be transferred to third parties. Payments related to Business Accounts are different from Premium Membership packages and will be completed through 3D secure over Innclude systems. For additional details related to this matter, please review our Business Accounts page. Refund requests will be received and processed through the third party application used to make purchase.

Article 9. Third Party Services

Article 10. Personal Information
Prior to being able to take advantage of our services, users, along with having signed our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, will have consented to the transfer of certain information – phone number, name, surname, e-mail address, etc. – to third parties or abroad for processing, within the confines of the governing laws of the appropriate countries. The processing of personal information and its transfer to third parties or abroad is governed by a legal agreement between user and Innclude. Personal data may be processed for marketing, analysis, and/or statistical purposes, by Innclude or Innclude associates, and partners with whom Innclude or Innclude associates have a legal agreement, within the confines of these Terms of Use. In addition, users consent to the recording, processing, and/or listing or sharing with third parties anonymously of their event interactions, behavior models, and data by Innclude, and Innclude associates and partners for analysis for the purposes of improving services, and for various applications and programs to work within the platform.

Article 11. Information Storage

User data, personal messages, comments, popularity points and like data inside the Innclude system will be stored according to our Privacy Policy for a duration determined by the law of the country. The data stored may be used as evidence for resolving all disputes arising from the performance on this agreement. Any and all disputes that arise from performance on this agreement will be resolved by the proper authorities under the laws of the country.

Article 12. Effectiveness of Agreement

Terms of Use will go into effect indefinitely once a user is entered into the system between parties.

Article 13. Termination of Agreement

Parties may terminate at will. Termination of Terms of Use will not affect parties rights’ and entitlements.